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Soft and comforting, NeckEase is the ideal way to soothe pain and stiffness from exercise and injury, or stress and tension buildup in the neck and shoulders. Fits snugly around the neck providing gentle pressure to the base of the skull while encouraging shoulders to drop and relax. Apply as a cold pack to address acute injury or after intensive exercise or physical therapy. Apply heated anytime and anywhere for safe, comforting relief from daily stress, headache, muscle ache or simply to warm and relax the body.

Our aromatherapy neck wrap can lay tight around neck or more loosely over shoulders and upper back.

All NeckEase have a soft fleece on one side which allows for moist heat penetration. The other side is a durable material that maximizes heat retention and offers cold therapy

Aromatic blend of herbs and spices with rice contained in the NeckEase are:

  • Allspice - pain relief, calming, relaxing

  • Black Pepper - stimulates circulation

  • Cinnamon - analgesic for arthritis, calming

  • Clove - analgesic for arthritis, calming, sedating