Elbow Wrap
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$ 48.00

Versatile, convenient Wraps with adjustable straps conform to virtually any part of the body and can be worn while relaxing or doing light activity.

Designed to be used hot or cold, this cold wrap conform to knees, elbows, even lower back, and attach securely to relieve injury or inflammation from exercise and physical therapy, or to relax and help reduce swelling and pain in muscles and joints.

For elbow, upper arm, knees, ankles or wrists

6.75 x 13 inches 

Aromatic blend of herbs and spices with rice contained in the Elbow Wrap are:

  • Black Pepper - stimulates circulation
  • Allspice - pain relief, calming, relaxing
  • Clove - analgesic for arthritis, calming, sedating
  • Ginger - eases pain in joints
  • Juniper Berry - relaxes muscle spasms
  • Mustard Seed - stimulates circulation