Spa and Salon

With BodySense, you can offer your guests a uniquely refreshing and rejuvenating therapy before, during or after any service in your Spa & Salon

BodySense products are used in Spas and Salons all over the world. The most popular products are the NeckEase, Eye and Sinus Pillows, the Mitts and Muffs, Large and Extra Large Packs, and the FootEase. All of our products are filled with an aromatic blend of herbs and spices carefully selected for their calming and healing properties.

Eye Pillow & Sinus Pillow 

The aromatherapy Eye Pillow is the only product made by BodySense which is designed to be used cold only. It is made of luxurious satin and weighs one pound so it falls gently into the hollows of the eyes.

In spas, it is frequently used following eyebrow waxing to help keep the swelling down. It is filled with a blend of lavender, chamomile, peppermint and basil that is very soothing and relaxing.
The Sinus Pillow, which is also used to reduce swelling, is the same shape and weight as the Eye Pillow, but it is made with fleece on one side and pack cloth on the other, which allows it to be heated. Because we have used these different materials in the Sinus Pillow, it can be used hot or cold.

We have removed the lavender and chamomile from this aromatherapy pillow formula and replaced them with sage and thyme - two herbs which are excellent for opening up clogged sinus passages. This is a great retail item, especially during cold and flu season.


The NeckEase are being used in numerous situations in Spas & Salons. Generally used hot, they are a great way to greet your clients, and keep them comfortable and relaxed while they are waiting. It can be used while a client is sitting upright, or lying down.

Encircling a client's neck with the deep penetrating warmth of this shoulder heat wrap goes a long way in keeping a client warm despite the lack of clothing necessitated by the various treatments.

It also loosens the neck and shoulder muscles, making the massage therapist's job much more effective when they get to that area of the body. The blend of clove, cinnamon, allspice and black pepper is the most calming of the herbal formulas we use.

Mitt and Muff

The Mitt and Muff are frequently used in conjunction with various hand and finger treatments. The tight fit of the Mitt provides a deep penetrating heat that helps moisturize the skin and cuticles. Our Mitt is preferred over the electric Mitts, because our Mitt has no electric cord to get in the way. We are told that our Mitts last longer than the electric ones.


The Muff, cylindrical in shape, opens at each end so both hands can be accommodated inside at the same time. It can also be used to slide up and cover the forearm. Many Estheticians like to use the Muff, while giving facials and various other treatments, to keep their clients hands warm. The Muff provides a deep penetrating moist heat, soothing and comforting for cold or achy hands and forearms. The clients enjoy both the Mitt and Muff, and the aroma of clove, allspice, juniper berries, mustard seed, black pepper and ginger. This formula can help increase circulation and we refer to it as our "anti-inflammation formula."


All of the Packs are used to warm large muscle groups, usually before massages. The Large Pack can also be folded in half and used as a warm bolster, to support the back of the neck.


These aromatherapy heating pads contain the "anti-inflammation formula" herbal formula as the Mitt, which is listed above.


 Our unique foot warmers have a special blend of herbs and spices sewn right into the soles. They can be used before, during and after foot treatments or just to help keep your client's feet toasty warm during other treatments. The blend of herbs is similar to the Mitt and Pack but the FootEase also contain cayenne pepper, which is widely used because of its ability to block the transmission of pain signals. The cayenne pepper can help stop the throbbing in your client's feet caused by a long day of standing or walking. Our FootEase provide an excellent addition to any Spa Treatment.



The Wraps are designed to warm specific parts of the body, which provides your client with deep penetrating moist heat, that help loosen and relax, sore & strained muscles.

They contain our anti-inflammatory and muscle relief formula, which breaks down toxins in muscles, and help ease pain and stiffness. All heat therapy wrap secure with ties, allowing the product to remain in place. Our Wraps provide an excellent addition to any Spa Treatment.

Sanitary Covers

We carry a full line of cotton covers for almost all BodySense products. They are completely machine washable and can be dried in commercial dryers. Our covers make it easy to comply with the Health Regulations, without reducing the effectiveness of the herbs and moist heat.

BodySense products help make a client's visit to your Spa or Salon a much more enjoyable experience. Using the products in various treatments and services, helps increase your bottom line by bringing your clients back time and time again. Having our products on hand to retail to your clients also increases your profit margin. Since our products are quickly heated in any microwave or towel caddy, all of the above "treatments" can be done at home.

BodySense products sell themselves, when you allow your clients to experience them. This makes our products great to retail from your Spa or Salon.