Pain Relief - Relax, Soothe & Relieve

BodySense heat therapy wrap are the best possible hot/cold therapy for addressing injury, stress, tension and relaxation. Body Sense aromatherapy neck wrap offer a natural herbal treatment to relieve pain.

Heat has always been used in various forms for therapeutic use. The history of hot packs, sunlight, heated sand, and heated water were initially used as an effective means of therapy for ailments and pain.

The application of heat relaxes muscles and increases the flow of blood to the treatment area. Enhanced local tissue metabolism and improved blood supply lowers the concentration of pain producing toxic metabolites, this combination offers relief from pain.
BodySense offers opportunity for application of therapeutic heat should be used when motion is limited by stiffness.

Cold applied to an area decreases the flow of fluid into the tissues and slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation.  A Cold Wrap can decreases feeling in an area by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses. Cold therapy offer a level of pain relief.

Cold also decreases the activity of cells to reduce swelling and internal bleeding at the site of acute injury.  Cooling the deep tissue also reduces muscle spasm by reducing the muscle's ability to maintain a contractions.

NeckEase - Relief from neck pain and stiffness

  • A soothing way to ease away pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area

  • Combine this aromatherapy neck wrap with the aromatherapy eye pillow for a treatment for migraine treatment

  • Loosens the neck and shoulder muscles

  • Effective moist heat treatment for neck pain, stiff neck, upper shoulder pain, relaxation with this shoulder heat wrap

  • Soothing treatment for de-stressing and easing anxiety

Sinus Pillows - Sinus headache relief, open up the sinuses

  • Hot or cold therapy with this aromatherapy pillow

  • Opens up clogged sinus passages

  • Reduces pain from sinus headaches

  • Relief from sinus discomfort or congestion from colds or flu. Opens and drains sinus with soothing vapor. Effective treatment for sinus headache, sinus pain and sinus infections.

Eye Pillow - Headache relief, de-stress

  • Cold therapy

  • Relief from headaches, insomnia, or puffy eyes

  • Relaxant

  • Eases respiration with this aromatherapy eye pillow

  • Combines gentle cooling acupressure for headache relief, for migraine headache treatment

  • Stress & anxiety relief and reduction, ease tension headache pain

FootEase - Relief from sore feet or cold feet

  • Increase and stimulate circulation

  • Ease pain and throbbing

  • Relieve the pain from chronically cold feet

  • Ease discomfort and pain from neuropathy

  • Relieve sore or aching feet. Ease discomfort from diabetes symptoms & poor circulation, pain reliever for relaxation.

Hand Mitts & Muffs - Arthritis pain relief

  • Deep penetrating moist heat

  • Ease pain and stiffness in joints and muscles

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increase circulation

  • Real blessing for arthritis suffers

  • Relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain, hand warmer, arthritis remedy, carpal tunnel pain relief.

Packs - For upper back pain and low back pain

  • Ease away pain and stiffness

  • Relaxes muscle spasm with a neck and shoulder heat wrap

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Relax sore muscles with these aromatherapy heating pads

  • Relief from fibromyalgia discomfort, ease the pain from rheumatoid arthritis, reliever of pain from sciatica and scoliosis.

Wraps - Relief from pain

  • Versatile rectangular products

  • Anti-inflammation formula

  • Relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Increase circulation with these heat therapy wraps

  • Arthritis treatment for the knee, elbow, ease nagging TMJ and jaw pain. Reduce rotator cuff discomfort. Ease back pain, reduce hip pain discomfort. A great sports medicine therapy for pre and post workouts.

Toys - Herbal, Natural, Soothing Aromatherapy Heating Pads

  • Calming

  • Heat-able

  • Comfort for the kid in all of us

  • Cecil-decongestant for breathing, mild asthma treatment, opens brochial tubes

  • Star and Heart - Pain formula, ease colicky bablies, relief from earaches, tummy aches, cramps

  • Spot and Fisheze - Soothe hyperactive kids, calming and relaxing, ease anxiety, hot water bottle shape.