FootEase extra small
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These therapeutic herbal tootsie toasters warm your feet through and through. Soft fleece lining delivers moist, heavenly heat to relieve tired, aching feet or keep feet comfortable, warm and happy. Contours to fit your foot and contains specially blended aromatic herbs that soothe, relax and re-energize. Not intended for walking

These aromatherapy heating pads literally Warm Your Feet To The Bones - Great for aching fee

Fits up to Woman's Size 5

A pair

Aromatic blend of herbs and spices with rice contained in the FootEase are:
Allspice - pain relief, calming, relaxing:
Cayenne Pepper - blocks pain, stimulates circulation:
Cinnamon - analgesic for arthritis, calming:
Clove - analgesic for arthritis, calming, sedating:
Mustard Seed - stimulates circulation: