Why You Should Cut People Who Suck Your Time October 12, 2017 15:40

We deal with the time vampires in our life.

life is too short

Today we deal with the time vampires in our life. You know who they are. They are the people who through conversation, drama, neediness, or some genuine problem, latch onto you and take you away from your plan for your day (or week or life). They are often people close to us, but we’ve entered a codependent relationship with them. The time together becomes wasted and doesn’t serve us (or them) when we feel more tired, stressed, edgy, or even upset after hanging with them.

self worth

Your time is the measure of your life force, and it’s all you have. Spending it recklessly with people who don’t serve and support your mission in life is an easy way to feel empty, drained, and derailed. If you sense that the days are going by and you’re not feeling better or getting closer to your goals, then it’s time to investigate and find where the time is leaking.

got negatively

Ask yourself where you may be trying to be polite a little too often with your time. Do you entertain conversations or interactions that don’t serve you? Do you know how to protect yourself from the people who drain you so that you’re not spending your energy on them without getting anything in return? That’s the first place to start.