Tips to Feel More Comfortable & Confident at the Gym June 01, 2017 13:55

Focus on the big picture and don't let anything stand in your way, not even yourself.

Hey, we get it. Gyms can be intimidating. But don't let your 'gym jitters' keep you from accomplishing your fitness goals. Weave through the big crowd of sweaty gym goers, and get ready to break a sweat of your own.

gym jitters

We consulted with leading international fitness influencer and Fit Body Guides creator Anna Victoria  to get her top tips for feeling confident at the gym. Victoria, who has recently partnered with Triaction by Triumph, is here to remind you that you shouldn't get discouraged.

"You, just as much as anyone else, deserves this," Victoria says. So grab your dumbbells and get moving. It's time to crush that workout.

Focus on you

"Going to the gym can be nerve-racking when you're thinking about all the other people that will be there," Victoria says. "But you’re there for you, not for them. When you get in the gym, pop in some headphones, put on your favorite playlist, and get in the zone."

focus on you

Feeling uncomfortable? Good

"You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable," Victoria says. "This journey requires change, it requires growth, and it requires you to try things you’ve never done before and things you may not be good at."

"Very recently I did an 'assault course' as a part of a Triaction challenge," she adds. "I was really nervous because I had never done anything this physically difficult before. But I didn’t give up, and I felt amazing afterwards! I look back at when I started and see how much stronger, both mentally and physically I am now. You will also feel empowered when you conquer challenges outside of your comfort zone."

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Focus on the big picture

"Some days you may feel more confident than others, and that’s okay," Victoria says. "If you’re having an off day and feel intimidated by your workouts or even by those around you, try to focus on the big picture and not let anything stand in your way, not even yourself."


"If you’re ever feeling nervous, anxious, or less confident than usual, try to think to yourself, 'In one year, will this moment stand out to me?'" she adds. "It won’t, and while that doesn’t necessarily make it easier in the moment, focusing on that mind-set will help you be more mindful of letting little things stand in your way."