Things Your NEED to Tell Your Partner Every Day April 04, 2017 18:38

To instantly upgrade your communication routine, make these five crucial habits a nonnegotiable part of your daily repertoire.

To instantly upgrade your communication routine, make these five crucial habits a nonnegotiable part of your daily repertoire. The goal here is to use the five vitals consistently—and yes, that means every single day, unless your schedule prevents it—to let your mate know that your relationship is your number one priority

1. Greetings: "Hello" and "Good-Bye"

Do you habitually say hello or good-bye to your mate as one of you enters or exits the home? It is the least you can do to acknowledge that your mate's presence means something to you. A simple hello says, "I'm happy to see you. I'm here for you." A sincere good-bye says, "I know you're going out into the world now, and I care that you are leaving. I'll miss you." When you tell your mom that you'll call her back because your husband just got home or you put the newspaper down to say hello, you are being kind, responsive, and well-mannered. You are making your mate your top priority.

hello goodbye


2. "Good Morning"

Take note: Our survey showed that 94 percent of people who hear the magic words "good morning" every day said that their relationship was very good to excellent.

good morning

3. "Good Night"

Do you make it a habit to end your day with the loving words "good night"? You may think, "What's the big deal about saying that?" Well, folks, it's a very big deal. We don't always go to bed at the same time as our partner. So without a "good night," someone is left alone, possibly watching television, finishing up some work, or reading a book, completely unaware of whether or not his or her partner is awake. This is a rude, cold, and isolating habit.

good night

4. "I Love You for [Fill in the Blank]."

One morning as I prepared to brush my teeth, I looked down at the bathroom sink and found a pleasant surprise. I'd expected to see the rolled-up, squeezed-out tube of toothpaste that I had left lying there the night before, when I had been too lazy to walk down the hall to get a new one. Instead, there was a brand-new tube, unused and still sealed. My husband had finished the old toothpaste after me and replaced it so I would have a fresh tube in the morning. When I finished brushing my teeth, I told my husband how much I appreciated this small gesture. "I love you for leaving a new tube of toothpaste in the bathroom for me. It was really nice of you." When I was single, I probably wouldn't have thought anything about a small toothpaste deed. But after being married and realizing that keeping love alive is a daily choice, I know that forgetting to express my appreciation for such acts of kindness is tantamount to forgetting to tell my husband that I love him.

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5. A Compliment

You might feel like this is a moot point. After all, how many times can you tell your wife that she looks beautiful or that you love her? How often can you compliment your husband's choice of sweaters? The answer is: as often as you can, as long as your words are sincere. But just as important, on the days when something visible (such as a new haircut or tie) doesn't capture your attention, find another way to offer a compliment. For example, "You are so kind to take your mother to the doctor." Or, "You are such a devoted father. You have so much patience with the kids." Or, "It was really thoughtful of you to call your friend to see how his job interview went." People in healthy relationships know that it's important to compliment good character traits in their mate, while people in poor relationships tend to skip over them.

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