The Key to Having 'Nothing to Lose' Confidence August 29, 2017 12:30

A message from an annoying airplane passenger reminded me what it means to live your happiest life.


As I was considering the best way to get him to end his call sooner rather than later, I heard him say, "The sooner you give up feeling loss the sooner you will have nothing to lose." 

My seat mate had given whomever he was talking to a piece of sage advice, and it flashed into my mind like a lightning bolt and thundered around in my stomach and chest for a moment until it settled into a calm remembrance—a temporarily forgotten truth, that once remembered, resulted in a wave of confidence and relief

sun shine on my mind

His conversation was soon over and we were up in the air. I did not speak with him. He was fast asleep but I did think of his words for the entire duration of the flight. 

The happiest life lived is not attached to how something works out, but simply, that it will work out. This is a true abundant state, and one that allows us to release stress and anxiety and bring down inflammation in our body.  The abundant state is what allows us to access happiness and flow more often and to be our healthiest. If we are confident that the events in our lives will work out one way or another and no matter what happens, we will be able to roll with the punches and be grateful for the pleasures, there is nothing to fear as there is never anything lost. 

what you have to gain

Repeat after me: I am calm and confident because everything always works out one way or another. I cannot lose anything I don't have yet. If what I want and expect to happen, doesn't, I am resilient enough to find value in what I receive. This daily mantra will help you live in abundance.