Inspirational Steps March 09, 2017 11:23

When you're inspired from a pure soul level, achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier.


What Spirit has communicated to me is that when our actions to accomplish any goal are fueled by the mind, or the ego, our motivation is certain to be short lived. The mind is often unclear, clouded by past experiences, critical, fearful and influenced by other people. The mind is also impatient. It wants the quick fix, the magic pill that it "thinks" will solve our problems. When you approach any resolution in this way, you inevitably set yourself up for failure. But when you're inspired from a pure soul level, as I'll soon explain, achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier


Simple inspirational steps to help you get on—and remain on—track:


Pure inspiration, versus fear-based motivation, starts to percolate when you go within and get really clear on what your soul desires and your intention for achieving it. When you ask yourself, 'what' and 'why,' go deep and connect your intention to a feeling.


Act As If

Every day, and especially on those days when you're exhausted, discouraged, and struggling, act as if everything you want, need and desire is right in front of you, right now. You 'act as if' by expressing all the wonderful feelings associated with having what you most desire—loved, appreciated, valued, accepted, grateful, etc.

act as if

Show Up and Do the Work

Get out of bed each day willing and committed to to do your part to make your dreams come true. You can 'act' like you have what you most desire, but you also have to do the work.