Super Tools for Super Women March 02, 2018 11:02

Know how to use these tools to achieve your ultimate level of health, happiness, and vitality.

Adapted from Dr. Taz's book, Super Woman Rx, helping you achieve optimum health. 

To truly be a Super Woman, you must have certain Super Tools, and know how to use them to achieve your ultimate level of health, happiness, and vitality. 

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Dr Taz has merged and integrated the best ideas from multiple healing practices, teachings, and systems of medicine and wisdom to create effective treatment and healthy lifestyle plans. What has been learned, not all women benefit from the same treatments and recommendations.

You should become a powerful advocate for your health! Knowing your own particular Super Tools gives you the personalized guide you need to bio hack your own health so that you can spring forth into super health!


Super-powered nutrition tools

Nutrition is always my first go-to when it comes to improving and maintaining optimal health. Your body needs the right fuel in order to maximize it's potential. Knowing what foods your body does—or doesn't—need to thrive will guide you on your path to mental clarity, gut digestion and more.


Super-supplements based on your power type

Many  patients don't even realize they are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. Once specific deficiencies are identified (this comes from understanding the unique variables of each patient's Power Type), I can provide a recommendation for the best supplements and herbs that are key for that Power Type to activate her super health powers.

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Super moves for a super groove

Exercise is a fantastic super tool for revving up your immune system, improving mood and overall health, increasing energy, building muscle, and shedding fat. However, different Power Types flourish from different fitness activities. Some do better with gentle yoga and  walking, while others benefit from more intense spin classes and running. If you're an Earth Mama, for example, and try to do a workout better suited for a Boss Lady, you could injure yourself and be sidelined before you ever get the amazing benefits that healthy exercise provides

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Super-mind hacks for power charged minds

Meditation, using affirmations, color therapy, aroma therapy, massage therapy, therapy therapy (you know the sort with an actual therapist), drawing, writing, doing pottery, gardening acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, prayer, connecting with nature, and more are all fantastic ways that you can enlighten and empower your mind. Knowing what sort of Super Woman you are will guide you to the mindful hacks that will work the best for you to super charge your brain.