Strategies for Boosting Confidence April 17, 2018 10:33

It's time to make a deposit in your confidence account.

self confidence

Confidence is simple if you believe in you. You must be confident in yourself and in your ability to perform at your best, whether trying out for a team, rebounding from a poor start or a tough loss, or transitioning to the next level of competition. Identify the challenge, prepare yourself to conquer it, and then approach it with confidence.

Novak Djokovic gave himself a much-needed confidence boost en route to defeating Roger Federer for the 2014 Wimbledon title. After losing the fourth set of the match, Djokovic went to the restroom and had a chat with himself. "I was loud to myself, saying, 'Believe in yourself!'" remembered Djokovic. "You know, it's not a cliché, it really works, even when you don't feel it, to say at times some positive things to yourself—that's exactly when you should do it." It's okay if it feels like you are faking it, at first. Fake it until you make it.

self confidence

If you are confident, you can be your best when it matters most. Here are a few strategies for boosting confidence. Try them and see what works for you.

Be your own cheerleader

Give yourself a mental high five after executing a play or performance as planned. Positive self-reinforcement is like making a deposit in your confidence account.

Take a moment to reflect

Reflect on your past successes and highlights. This will lead to better play in the future. Replay these magic moments in your mind and feel how good they felt at the time. Later, when you need an extra boost, it will be easier to draw on these feelings.

self confidence

Take stock of the struggles

Remember a particular occasion when you triumphed over a difficult challenge, such as overcoming fear or bouncing back from an injury. Write down some of the keys that made this success possible.