Simple Tweaks for a Healthier Home October 25, 2017 11:08

Upgrade your home to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

 healthy home

Want to "healthify" your humble abode for a fit family? Great! Sure, getting out and being active as a family is rewarding, but the foundations of a good, healthy lifestyle start right within the home. Like anything, it's all about the baby steps. While some aspects of changing your physical environment may seem daunting, take heart. You can incorporate some things into your daily routine immediately. Here are their 3 easy at-home tweaks red carpet results: 

Get up and march

When you are watching television, get up and march in place or do some deep knee bends while the commercials are running. It may feel silly at first. But consider for a moment that each half hour of television programming contains seven to ten minutes of commercials, and it quickly becomes clear that sticking to this simple rule can burn some serious calories. And you don't have to miss your favorite shows!

get up and march


Plan outdoor exercise

Try planning a "green space treasure hunt" in your neighborhood, in which you aim to find at least three good places to get outdoor exercise near your home. Better yet, spread the idea around your social connections to start up some friendly competition to find the best spots.

plan outside activities

Establish "no eating" zones

Establish "no eating" zones in your home. These could be areas close to the television and other distractions. It's a simple and easily enforceable rule and it could improve your whole family's health and weight in the long run.