Rules for Optimal Thyroid Health September 21, 2017 14:13

Your thyroid health is dependent upon your diet, so follow these steps to balance your hormones.

The USDA food recommendations have undergone revisions in recent years, as our understanding of vital foods has changed. People are beginning to recognize that we are only as healthy as the foods we ingest.

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We start by suggesting you consider eating as much organic food as possible. Thyroid function is very sensitive to synthetic chemicals and appreciates when you minimize your exposure to these in food, air and water. The fewer toxic substances you ingest, the less your liver has to work to overcome the burden of these substances. This means eating organic whenever possible, and choosing your restaurants and markets as carefully as you can.

For general purposes, we suggest that you keep away from fatty foods, fried foods, and heavy use of salt or spices. In other words, eat lightly and moderately, and follow these other food rules: 

1. Go high in fiber, low in calories

We recommend a diet high in fiber and low in calories, featuring more vegetables and fruits, beans, seeds, and sprouts. High fiber foods, including prunes and prune juice, keep the bowels moving. Having sufficient bowel movement is key. Slow bowels allow toxins to accumulate in the intestines, contributing to our feeling poor. 

2. Cut some meat and dairy from your diet

We also advise eating less meat and less dairy. This will help to lower autoimmunity, allowing you to feel better. Many of the chemicals that are best to avoid are concentrated in the fat of meats and dairy products. The less meat and dairy you eat, the less is your body's burden of these thyroid-hormone-disrupting toxins.

When you do eat meat, consider cutting your portion in half, eating smaller amounts at each meal. In addition, if you choose to grill, remember that the black charcoal's effects that make the food taste so good are contributing to cancers. Go easy on the grilling (it's one of the most toxic cooking methods); stop before it's burned. As with so many situations, moderation is the key to a healthier life.

thyroid health

3. Eat simply

You might try to find ways to purchase more of your food in bags you fill yourself from bulk bins, or shop at health food stores more often. There are a great many nonanimal protein sources, including avocado, olives, nuts, tofu (in small amounts), and others to sustain you.

4. Use good oils

There are "good fats," as opposed to the hydrogenated vegetable oils used in many processed foods we eat. We urge you to try to avoid these hydrogenated oils, as they interfere with metabolism. 

5. Munch on nuts

For those with ups and downs related to sugar metabolism, eating a small handful of nuts every few hours will ensure adequate protein supply to balance out sugar. Chew carefully.