Lifestyle Habits That'll Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease March 07, 2017 08:21

Give your ticker some love by adopting these healthy habits.

Health and Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will improve your chances of avoiding the number-one cause of death in women—heart disease. The nutritional and lifestyle guidelines for preventing heart disease are often the same as those recommended for preventing breast cancer.

Stop smoking

Smokers have two to six times the risk of heart attack as nonsmokers. The good news is that as soon as you stop smoking, your risk of a heart attack drops rapidly.


It's never too late to start. Walking briskly for 20 to 30 minutes and lifting light weights two to three times per week will help you lose weight and lower your blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol..


While there's no proven link between immediate stress and heart disease, chronic stress does cause the adrenal glands to secrete large amounts of the hormone adrenaline, causing your blood pressure to rise, your heart to beat faster, and your breathing to increase.

Stress can also increase the release of sugar into your bloodstream.