How Daily Self-Care Can Mean Wellness for Life May 10, 2018 08:54

A life long plan for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

It was Benjamin Franklin in 1736 who famously said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He was referring to fires that were threatening Philadelphia at that time, but it’s just as applicable to the fires we are dealing with in our daily lives—strained relationships, sleepless nights, weight gain, back pain, digestive issues, anxiety, or feelings of isolation.

self care

These may not be constants in our lives, but how often over the course of a month are we putting out these fires? And, if we view our health holistically, could these mental, emotional and physical challenges collectively result in some serious health challenges down the line?

If we take a holistic look at our mental, emotional and physical health, what do we discover?

If we practice “lifelong wellness” that creates a “self-healing” life—and that requires only incremental changes to our lifestyle.

self care

The road of self-healing, several ideas as a rolling plan focusing on one facet of a healthy holistic lifestyle each day. And to reduce any anxiety, one action a day. Some suggestions to supercharge the immune system and help us stay well for life:

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Day 1: Moving to an Anti-Inflammation Diet

There are many choices we can make to balance the good and bad bacteria in our bodies that, when out of whack, can create inflammation and even result in autoimmune diseases. Today we could include anti-inflammatory foods such as garlic, leafy greens, and dark chocolate in our diet. Another option could be to ‘undo’ a dietary habit that may cause inflammation such as cutting out alcohol, eating fewer processed foods, or drinking fewer sugary drinks over the next 24 hours.


Day 2: Reducing Stress

The aging process starts earlier than we think, which means we can influence how fast or slow our cognitive abilities and our bodies decline. Studies of aging point to several habits we can adopt early to help us stay younger for longer, such as joining a social group or taking up a challenging mental activity. Maybe today is the day to let go of any negative stereotypes about aging we may have.

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Day 4: Getting More Rest

If you want to sleep better and de-stress, then the key is to be more active. How about choosing to park your car further away from your workplace forcing you to walk? Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Instead of this morning’s coffee break, could you take a walk instead?