Holiday #Giftspiration Ideas for Basically EVERYONE in Your Life November 23, 2017 15:46

Holiday gifting can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you get to be the lame friend/relative who uses generic online stores to drop-ship your family random stuff from China. This year, I propose a different solution. Throughout the year, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with some of the hottest, trendy, inspiring brands around. So, I wanted to do you a favor – and save everyone a headache or two – by making it easy to pick fun, responsible, hip or as-yet-undiscovered gifts that show that you (... er, I) really “put in the time.”

Holiday Gifting

These brands are everything – they’re dynamic, they’re fun, a ton of them give back to good causes (!) and best of all, they were all started by people – normal folks like you and me – whose entrepreneurial spirit prompted them to found their own businesses and make the world a better place.

4. For the #fitspo HEALTH & WELLNESS freaks we all love to hate (but are secretly jealous of), these yoga, fitness, CBD-enhanced, and sugar-cravings-killing products will help relieve the stress of hanging with the in-laws.