Herbs to Help Fight Fatigue July 25, 2017 18:12

Eliminate exhaustion and relieve drowsiness with these healing herbs.

When it comes to combating daily fatigue and energizing yourself for the day, sometimes it's best to go straight to nature's miracle exhaustion eliminators. 

Effective herbs will work to combat drowsiness and stimulate your mind. Just make sure you're using your healing herbs safely before you start!


Cocoa (dark chocolate)

The caffeine in cocoa and chocolate help relieve drowsiness. But their stimulant action does not cause as much jitteriness, insomnia, and irritability as coffee—thanks to the theobromine in the herb. Try some when you feel lethargic (purely as herbal medicine, of course).

Just be careful: cocoa (dark chocolate), coffee, kola, maté, and tea all contain caffeine and may cause jitters, irritability, insomnia, and addiction.


No doubt about it: Coffee is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. On long drives, it helps prevent dozing at the wheel. It also counteracts the sedative effects of antihistamines, one reason it's included in many cold remedies. However, it does not help drunks sober up. 



Ginseng is a noncaffeine stimulant that helps counteract fatigue. European researchers studied 232 people, age 25 to 60, who complained of fatigue. Half took a daily placebo. The rest tried a vitamin formula containing ginseng (80 milligrams/day). After 7 weeks, the group taking the ginseng formula showed significantly less lethargy. The researchers concluded that ginseng combats fatigue by supporting the adrenal glands.