Stress - Your Reaction Matters October 25, 2016 15:56

Stress ReliefStress should never be ignored.

Anyone who has experienced a period of extreme chronic stress is familiar with the exceptionally negative toll it can take on the body.

When we can't recover effectively from the stress response, we break down and become even more intolerant to it. The heightened physical and mental capability that is produced during the alarm stage comes at a cost—when that cortisol and adrenaline hit the system, your body prioritizes the function of the brain and muscles over digestion, reproduction, and immunity. This can be very helpful when running from a bear, but if it continues to occur chronically, then you end up with imbalances that affect other systems of your body. 

Stress Relief

There are, however, many moments in life that are more likely to cause stress than others. It is important to note that it isn't just the event or process that is stressful, but it is the way we react to it. While we are in control of some stress (like the way we take care of ourselves, our attitudes and beliefs, or the diet we choose to eat), there are others that we have no control over.

The point here is not to eliminate all stress we have in our lives but to control your reaction to stress that you don't have control over. Stress will always be a part of our everyday lives. We learn to live healthier and with more resilience by making adjustments where we can. 

Stress Relief