Aromatherapy Heating Pads Lasting Relief From Tension, Injury and Pain November 10, 2015 13:12

Shoulder Heat Wrap

Trap Pack              24 x 7 inches shoulder to shoulder 7 x 8 inches extension 

Extra Large Pack   13 x 18 inches 

Large Pack             12 x 12 inches 

Basic Pack              8 x 12 inches

Our original two-sided design includes a soft, comforting fleece surface for moist heat application and a smooth cordura surface for dry transfer of cold therapy. Each product contains a mixture of organic long-grain rice for its heat and moisture retention qualities, along with a balanced blend of aromatic herbs and spices selected for their calming, relaxing or healing influence on the mind, body and emotions.

BodySense Packs are safe, effective and long-lasting, offering the best possible hot/cold therapy for addressing injury, stress, tension and relaxation. Made in America.

Aromatherapy Heating Pads