fitBallet - Calming, Relaxing or Healing Influence September 24, 2015 08:32

Dance and circuit training all in one!

Miss your childhood ballet classes? Want to get in touch with your inner dancer? fitBallet, founded by a lifelong dancer and Harvard Law School grad, blends the elegance of ballet with the satisfyingly sweaty power of circuit training.

The workout: This ballet-infused high intensity circuit training class brings the best of both worlds together. You’ll get to practice lots of plies while amazing yourself with what you can do with a kettle bell. The hour-long class devotes 45 minutes to some serious sweating and reserves the last 15 minutes for calming deep stretching. No dance experience is necessary, and if you’re a beginner, you’ll catch on with little trouble. If you are a dancer, you’ll recognize many of the moves.

The goal: This class is about getting stronger — literally and figuratively. There is an emphasis on celebrating our bodies for what they can do rather than their size, and a focus on empowering ourselves through the exercises. My instructor Jessica was the true heart of the class and was what made it so special. When things got tough, she reminded us what strong women we were, and her enthusiasm made it impossible to doubt that we could get through challenging moments. If that kind of attitude is what fitBallet is all about, I’ll take it any day!