Head Stuffed? June 25, 2015 07:49

Open blocked sinuses

The BodySense Sinus Pillow helps drain and open blocked sinuses. It is made of high quality fleece and pack cloth, and when heated in the microwave for just a minute, the special blend of herbs produce a soothing vapor that helps drain and open blocked sinuses.

It can also be stored in the freezer and used as cold therapy.

Inhaling aromatherapy products that have herbs like rosemary and peppermint may help relieve some symptoms of sinus congestion, provides a cooling sensation usually associated with air flowing through the nose quickly—as if it were wide open.

Another way to naturally relieve congestion is by applying hot or cold packs across the bridge of your nose to help ease stuffiness. Hot or cold packs will reduce nasal inflammation and make you feel better. 

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