Moving with Arthritis June 17, 2015 10:28

Movement through the arthritis pain requires both physical and mental strength.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis normally has a slow and gradual onset, beginning in a person’s mid-50's. The key phrase in that last sentence is normally, but what happens when the injuries of youth show themselves? The pain in the knee from recreational football, rugby, and the slides into second base that were jarring rises to the surface?

Generally, osteoarthritis begins with morning stiffness in a few weight-bearing joints especially the knees and hips. Over time the malady compromises joint function, resulting in tenderness, swelling and loss of range. Pain relief from a hot or cold pack like BodySense Knee Wrap or Extra Large Pack offers a non-prescriptive arthritis treatment.

The debilitating changes in the joints differ from natural aging, although they may share some of the same characteristics. In normal aging, the water content in the joint stays basically the same. With OA, the joint’s water content first increases and then decreases, along with the viscosity within the joint. This loss of viscosity decreases the joint’s ability to absorb shock.

Arthritis relief products include moist heat or cold therapy to ease the pain and discomfort, BodySense Large Pack stays hot for up to 45 minutes, and is weighted to apply gentle pressure while enhancing the deep penetration of moist heat into muscles and joints. The Packs stay cold for up to 30 minutes and unlike regular ice packs, do not "sweat" and require no towels or covers to prevent injury to the skin. Many arthritis remedies have been available throughout time but the one constant relief for arthritis pain has been moist heat and cold therapy.

Physicians don’t have a single therapy to treat osteoarthritis joints because there are no tried-and true medical therapies for osteoarthritis. But the treatment doctors offer for pain relief in conjunction with arthritis treatment is both moist heat and cold therapy. Still, physical therapy, home exercise programs, cognitive behavioral therapy and anti-inflammatory diets have been useful in treating the symptoms of arthritis pain. Treatment for arthritis comes with time and patience and quality products like BodySense Wraps and Packs.

People with osteoarthritis who remain active do better than inactive people. Mild to moderate activity is necessary to maintain function. Exercising with certain equipment, such as treadmill, elliptical trainer or the recumbent bike is movement without impact. If osteoarthritis is severe, the pool offers a great way to get exercise. Incorporating a cold pack such as the BodySense Large Pack into a plan can reduce swelling after exercise.

Most arthritis remedies for knee pain aim at reducing inflammation, stiffness and swelling. Several herbal remedies are recommended for treatment for arthritis; some remedies are used externally, while others involve internal use of herbs. Acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, hydro therapy and massage therapy are used to relieve arthritis knee pain. The combination of the above mentioned methods are useful in the physical and mental relief of the pain of osteoarthritis. The key is to strengthen leg muscles around the knee joint to prevent knee pain from overworking the joint. A strong knee may prevent injury to the joint.

Arthritis treatment as a self care option with both hot and cold products offers the opportunity for natural pain relief.