3 Easy Tips To A Fitter You November 16, 2016 16:39

Tip 1: Make it social

Working out with a buddy is a perfect way to mix up your exercise routine. It keeps things interesting while making sure you both stay motivated and accountable. Swap workouts, mix it up and reward each other after your workouts with healthy treats and tea and coffee dates!

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Tip 2: Make it quick

HIIT Training is perfect for the busy modern day lady. Terrific for burning cals fast! With HIIT sessions you preserve muscle tone and achieve weight loss at the same time – yes please!

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Tip 3: Think Variation

No two bodies are the same don’t just stick to on trend workouts! Whatever you love and you feel works for YOUR body and makes you feel good – do that! Think Pilates, dance and barre classes, waking the dog, home workouts, DVDs…

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Your body will respond better being consistent with something you like and know works than being inconsistent and trying every new fitness craze that comes to town!