Massage A Preventive Self Care June 16, 2015 09:32

Massage therapy is increasingly being prescribed as a treatment for all kinds of health conditions and injuries. In general, massage therapy is noted to increase blood circulation, enhance immunity, decrease anxiety and assist quality of sleep while also relieving pain from an injury or accident.


Doctors commonly prescribe massage as part of a treatment plan following an automobile accident. Not only can massage alleviate the stress that may accompany the traumatic event like a car accident but it can address many of the strains or injuries that are common to motor vehicle accidents. Typically, the goals of massage therapy in injury recovery are to reduce stress, pain and swelling as well as improving circulation and range of motion.

Kathleen specializes in deep tissue treatment massage treating concerns such as headaches, numbness and tingling, problems with range of motion, and general stiffness and pain. “I enjoy helping people overcome their pain, and work towards their overall goal of improving how they feel, while being able to return to their normal activities that they have been limited in doing. It is so rewarding to see people living more comfortably each day, benefiting from massage treatments.”

Massage can be considered pampering, rejuvenating or therapeutic. It might be sought as a luxurious treat, for stress relief or pain management. Regardless of how massage is considered or reasons for going, benefits of massage consistently demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

“Massage is a fabulous preventive self care tool that is underused. It is amazing how many people still are not using it for their wellness as it is so good for them. Plus now so many insurances cover treatment. I love it when someone comes in for the first time to give massage a try. I have never had someone leave saying they won’t return. They always come back,” shares Amber.