Create Space for Deeper Happiness June 04, 2015 11:47

Space is a powerful thing. One could say it is the ultimate luxury today, if we let ourselves have it.

By space I mean moments without pressure, doubt or worry when we can be truly present to our self, our surroundings and enjoying this good life. It is in these moments that we experience joy and peace of mind, finally know what it is that we need to do, or fall in love all over again with our partner.

How do we end up with such little space when we have so many tools of convenience? It starts small. First, there is a litany of tasks from work, family and life each day. We often are judged, feel we are judged, or judge ourselves by the quality and speed at which we complete these tasks, sucking up our time in a never-ending vortex. For many, being busy is seen as a badge of honor, indicating how important we are. If we are not careful, it is easy to feel we must give up the space that is necessary to keep ourselves balance.

Another space killer is worry about the future: what could happen, what we need to do to ensure things go smoothly and what it would be like if they don’t. This creates anxiety.

Finally, our space gets eaten away by regret, wishing the past had somehow gone differently, or perhaps we had done things differently. This focus on the past make us depressed.

When the balance tips too far, peace of mind and happiness can get lost for a while. To regain them, all we need to do is create space.