Sinus Headache June 02, 2015 13:04

Have you ever tried to sleep or have woken to the stuffed, swollen cranky feeling due to chronic sinus infections or the sinus infection symptoms?  I have and it is not a nice way to try to sleep and if you do; wake up with that sinus headache and nothing seems to help with relief.  The feeling can make a grown person feel almost childlike with the reaction to discomfort and pain.

Is it the air conditioner with the recycled air; is it the cats, dogs, dust, allergies or the barometric pressure?  Who knows, but the headaches are there and I am uncomfortable with the irritating sinus condition.

Antibiotics for sinus infections have helped, but I don’t want to overload my system with them to become immune to their effectiveness. 

Home remedies, you know what your grandmother used, or what you friend from Mexico uses or your neighbor who with her Eastern European background uses. They all make sense but how can you find the herbs and spices they use for the concoctions?

Basil is an herb that has the properties that are traditionally attributed to mentally clarifying, antispasmodic and respiratory relief.  Marjoram has the analgesic sedating respiratory relief.  Peppermint has the cooling, soothing, decongestant sensations that are comforting.  There is the pungent Rosemary that has the analgesic, relaxing, and eases mental fatigue factor; also eases the headache, and stimulates circulation.  Sage, the wonderful character; it clears sinuses and relieves headache.  The magic of Thyme, it is an anti-viral, improves respiration and it is a nerve tonic.

A BodySense Sinus Pillow has all the above mentioned herbs plus rice for moisture and weight.  You might ask weight?  Yes, the Sinus Pillow is a weighted mask that hits all the right points; it puts slight pressure on the sinus cavities.

When you prefer heat to help open and drain the nose and block sinuses, relieve or help you drift off to sleep, the BodySense Sinus Pillow provides soothing warmth and a ease congestion in chest and sinuswith the special blend of herbs (listed above) to ease congestion in chest and sinus.

The soft, heat able material is light and comfortable on the eyes and forehead and delivers consistent, comforting heat for up to 45 minutes; excellent for naps or to help when you have trouble sleeping at night.  The Sinus Pillow is put in the microwave for 45 seconds with the fleece side down.  The aroma is pleasant and the feeling of the pillow on my eyes and forehead is remarkable.

If you have trouble with the inflammation, the BodySense Sinus Pillow can be used cold.  Put the Sinus Pillow in the freezer, it will not freeze over, just a comfortable cold feeling resting on your eyes and forehead.  The cold feeling will last for 20-25 minutes.  There are two sides to the Sinus Pillow; fleece for the moist heat and a pack cloth material to keep it cool.