Autism - Natural & Workable Ideas for Parents and Child June 11, 2015 12:25

“Touch Research Institute” has studied the relationship with massage and anxiety reduction.  Massage administered with moderate pressure, smooth stroking movements activates the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve is one of the key cranial nerves.   Massage or enhanced touch therapy has increased attentiveness in the classroom and decreased stereotypical behaviors on the playground.

The autism symptoms checklist rests on three distinctive symptoms; difficulty with social interaction, problems with verbal and non verbal communication and repetitive actions or obsessive interests.
Autism research including massage at home includes; toys for children that offer body awareness through sight, sound, touch and smell.  Fifteen minutes before bed time, massage and reading offers a grounding and constant comforting reinforcement.

Using Cecil a 2.4lb, full 27” of flexible comfort to wrap around your neck or coil up on your belly; filled with aniseed, basil, cloves, marjoram and peppermint triggers the thoughts of comfort.  This synergistic therapeutic blend was selected for its unique healing effects.  The blends effect is proven through centuries of use in traditional medicine, ayurvedic therapies and modern holistic practice.

Aromatherapeutic hot and cold products filled with herbs, spices and rice; warm the product in the microwave, the rice will expand and release moist heat.  The moisture and heat stimulate the herbs and spices allow for dermal absorption.

The weighted BodySense therapeutic toys product allows for the feeling of being grounded and the relaxation in the in touch therapy.  The body awareness with touch therapy allows for the grounding and a constant comfort, it’s a reinforcing reminder of the body.

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this disorder is the block in the communication between parent and child.  The results of theses studies show promise that massage and other touch therapies including BodySense products will emerge as building block in bridging that gap.