Ayurveda Herbal Delivery April 19, 2015 17:24

Everything, according to Ayurveda, is medicinal: the foods we eat, drinks we sip, the scents we smell.  These medicinal substances can be taken by various methods of Ayurvedic herbal delivery including: eating, drinking, steaming, and applying them to the skin, smelling, tasting or even inhaling. How you take substances, such as herbs, can have an impact on their effect, according to Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra.  Dr. Mishra is an Ayurvedic doctor from a 5,000 year old familial lineage who is a proponent of the trans-dermal method of herbal delivery:  applying specialized herbal preparations onto the surface of the skin to be absorbed trans-dermally.

Many practitioners use a trans-dermal marma (energetic points on the body) system for application of herbs to the skin.  Trans-dermal applications are applied on the skin and then absorbed through the dermis, the skin’s layers, directly into the bloodstream without needing to be processed through the liver’s first-pass metabolism. 

Applying herbs on marma (energetic points on the body) points magnifies their effect, according to Vaidya Mishra.  Marma points are often referred to as being analogous to acupressure points.  In Ayurveda and traditional systems of Indian martial arts and wrestling, marma points are also called lethal points due to their potency and ability to strongly affect the body, mind and spirit.

Vaidya Mishra calls the marma point switches in the body; he insists they are delivery points for parana, the life-force.  By applying herbs to a marma point, the point itself can serve as a yogaavahi, a vehicle or carrier for delivery herbs to the target areas in the body.  Combining this with aromatherapy and the use of mantra can further potentate the effect of the herbal remedies used.

Warm BodySense Aromatherapy Heat Wrap in the microwave or towel caddy the rice will expand and release moisture.  The heat and moisture will open the pores, the herbs and spices will become stimulated resulting in a dermal absorption of the herbs and spices.  The rice will also add weight to the products, so you will have weight on specific pressure points with moist heat and aromatherapy resulting in a relaxing, soothing and relieving experience.