15 Relaxing Things You Should Do Before Bed October 19, 2016 09:52

You won't have trouble falling asleep if you incorporate these relaxing moves into your nighttime routine.

Here are some ritual ideas you can get into the habit of including in your bedtime routine to help you relax and get ready for sleep.

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These activities can act as triggers to get your body and mind into a restful state. Use them alone, or in combinations that work for you.

1. Take a bath

Take a hot bath with epsom salts and calming aromatherapy products

2. Show your gratitude's

Take a few minutes to write in a gratitude journal. 

3. Show your "ohm's"

Engage in a spiritual practice like prayer or meditation. 

4. Address your worries

Create a "worry list" to help get these items out of your head as you ready for sleep. 

5. Just breathe

Do some gentle stretching and/or breath work. 

6. Turn down the lights

Dim the lights—you might enjoy candlelight or salt lamps. Science has proven than light pollution wrecks your sleep, so close the shades and dim the lights before bedtime

7. Use aromatherapy products

Use aromatherapy for calming or relaxing.

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8. Reach for a good book

Read a relaxing fictional book (taking care that it isn't too gripping or stimulating).

9. Treat yourself

Take time to practice your bedtime self-care routine (washing your face, brushing your teeth, moisturizing your skin).

10. Bust out the tunes

Listen to calming music. Like with your reading, make sure the tracks you choose are relaxing and put you in a calm head space for sleep. 

11. Scan your body

Engage in a "body scan"—lying in bed, start at your toes and end at your scalp, tensing each part of your body and releasing it.

12. Engage in cuddle time

Quietly cuddle or engage in personal contact with your partner or family members.

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13. Go screen-free

Take some time to unplug your devices and place them in another room.

14. Pick out your look

Prepare your clothes and belongings for the next day.

15. Be mindful

Practice a mindfulness routine—focus on your breath, the environment, and body sensations in the moments before sleep.