Why BodySense

Relax | Soothe | Relieve

Natural products made with herbs and rice.  Our wide selection of uniquely versatile packs, mitt, wraps, boots and more offers an option for every need and a fit for every person. Each product is appropriately weighted to apply gentle acupressure designed to hit pressure points and ensure thorough effectiveness of heat or cold.

Our products provide penetrating moist heat or soothing cold for deep, lasting relief from tension, injury and pain on every part of the body.  And BodySense is Made In The USA.

BodySense aromatherapy products are made with top quality materials that last longer and hold heat better while safely and effectively producing an intense therapeutic result. Our original two-sided design includes a soft, comforting fleece surface for moist heat application and a smooth cordura surface for dry transfer of cold therapy. Each product contains a mixture of organic long-grain rice for its heat and moisture retention qualities, along with a balanced blend of aromatic herbs and spices selected for their calming, relaxing or healing influence on the mind, body and emotions.